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For years growing up I had the kindest neighbors… the Sloands across the street, and the Lims next door (and many others– loved our neighborhood). I loved seeing the 2 beautiful Lim sisters grow into teenagers, with incredible skin and amazing hair, beautiful smiles and souls.

7 years ago, I got to shoot Amanda and Mike’s wedding in Fairport, New York, our home town. (Can you believe I’ve been officially in business for 11 years??) Here they are on their wedding day!

The gorgeous sister duo and their parents!! 

This summer when I traveled back to Fairport, I asked if they wanted to do a session with me. They live in Massachusettes now, but said if I ever was in the area to let them know.

Fast forward to this fall, I had a conference in Massachusettes! I had no clue where they lived, nor the address of my host, or even the event! But I reached out to them, and they said it may be perfect timing. Amanda was due any day with baby #2. (ps… the event was in Worcester, MA…. which apparently is pronounced Wooster… who knew?)

You know how everything falls into place? The baby was born days before I came, and they returned home just in time. They live 3 minutes from the Boston LDS temple, and my travel group independently chose to spend some time there late morning of my session. (Isn’t it a pretty building??)

So not only was I able to have this beautiful session with these dear old friends, but got to meet up with my travel mates just in time to join them for the rest of our day’s activities. It couldn’t have been more perfectly orchestrated. I ended up shooting twice as long as I planned (because how gorgeous are these people??) and my friends ran a few minutes late. We arrived within minutes of each other. I did end up getting less sleep, but it was a small price to pay for such an amazing reward.

And a super bonus was to see the door open and her wonderful parents there to greet me! What a treat. They are so kind and welcoming; some of my favorite people in the world. They wished my parents well in their final year in Africa on a mission, (they’ve been gone for over 2 years) and it felt like a little piece of home being with them.

Can I just say there’s something magical about seeing people you’ve known for years grow up and get married and have a family? And to be the photographer to get to document some of that brings tears to my eyes. I love these wonderful people, and so grateful to have them in my life.

Mike and Amanda, amidst the challenges and struggle, I wish you joy and happiness. Hugs and loves!!

(ps…. look at these cute parents both assisting me while shooting!)


Do you want beautiful pictures too?

If you’re in South Jersey or greater Philadelphia area (or somewhere else that would be fun to travel to!!) and would love photos of your loved ones, please drop me a line; I can’t wait to hear from you.

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