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After 42 weeks of pregnancy, and 40 hours of labor, sweet Soren is here.

10 pounds 5 ounces of snuggly goodness, we are so happy this little one. When they came into my studio in Norman, Oklahoma, I decided I wanted to try something a little different. With all the podcasts Dustin has been doing, we have a great setup to record stellar audio. So after his session while my lovely assistant stayed with baby, I asked his parents some questions.  I loved hearing his their thoughts and hopes and love. I hope they will cherish this video and these images for years to come.

I love Soren’s name, and here’s what momma had to say about it: “Soren is a Northern European name, from husband’s lineage, but we took it from the theologian, author, and philosopher Soren Kierkergaard. Anders, European and after a family acquaintance as well.”

Anyone else have fun origins of their baby’s name?

Here’s some fun details about the quilt: “The Dr. Who Tardis quilt was made by Soren’s grandmother, JoAnn, also known to Soren as GrammyJo (I call her MamaJo, so we had to keep the theme going). She also made the basket using extra material from the Tardis quilt. She self-drafted both items, as we couldn’t find a pattern for the quilt! We’re a family of quilters, though, so she promises it wasn’t hard.“

I love knowing talented people, and I am thrilled to share these images with you.

Enjoy the video, and then scroll down to see pictures.










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