Student Critique

(p.s. i forgot to publish this last week!! I’m so scatter-brained. 😛 Enjoy!)
Our photo today comes from current photo basics 1 student Casey.

We talked in class about the rule of thirds, which in this shot, his eyes are running along the bottom line, so good job. As a reminder not every photo needs to follow the rule of thirds, but you’ll find that a lot of your photos will have that element in it, even without trying. Casey said he had to have a really slow shutter speed because it was really dark, but with his camera ON the carpet, and his cat holding still, he was able to get a sharp picture.
If you steady yourself against a table or doorframe, or floor, you’ll find that you can shoot slower shutter speeds without getting camera shake (where NOTHING in the image is sharp, when some parts should be).
There a number of good things going on in this image. There’s nice light in the cat’s eyes, great depth of field (background blurry while the foreground is tack sharp), and there’s a fun warmth to the top in contrast to the coolness of the blue carpet. The window light from the left side creates even more texture on the carpet. And the cat looks completely comfortable. Just what i’d love to do, lounge around. 🙂

great job to Casey, and all the students who are posting their pictures. Way to go, guys!

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