Newborns: Addison + Jack

This cute set of twins was absolutely captivating!! I think Addison just barely hit the 5lb mark. They are both so tiny. These were taken when they were exactly 2 weeks old. I wish i could have been here in NY sooner so i could catch them in their super-sleepy state, but we had fun nonetheless.

What an adorable brother and sister– i could have photographed them all night long! I ended up leaving their house at 10pm. What a blistery cold night it was driving home in the snow. Ahh, the memories of overcast snowy days from growing up. I certainly like the milder winters of Oklahoma.

i want to know what your favorite is. I want to print something for our office.
Which one do you like most??
(including the shot from the last post)

Santa’s little helpers…

Cute little ballerina…

This is my favorite shot of Jack. He was a doll.

And Addison was content as can be for our last set.

Sweet dreams, baby!

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4 thoughts on “Newborns: Addison + Jack

  1. Dancing In His Reign

    really having a hard time picking a favorite…. possibly the one in color where they are looking at each other. Or either of the bottom two of sleepy/sleeping addison. precious! thanks for sharing the photos.


  2. pcNut

    For CUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE Amber! Love you!
    Sarah E.


  3. pcNut

    Oh, and my favorite is where the brother has his arm around his sister on the white blanket, fourth up from the end of the post.
    Love you:)


  4. Rachelle

    my fav is the b&w one where one baby is kissing the other babies head. so sweet & innocent!


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