Great news…

We have finally put our son to work for the business!!

Just kidding. He was just “helping” us with some extra pieces of carpet squares.

We are officially studio owners! Well, studio leasers. We have an official downtown Norman office on main street! This is a big step, and we are very excited for the growth of our business. We got the walls painted last week a daring chocolate brown, and purchased a couch set, and (*sniff*) put our large screen tv up there.

We are super excited, and are in the process of ordering prints for the walls, and other fun home decorating things.


More about Amber

Born in Denver, CO and raised in Upstate New York, I have traveled the world and now happily live near Mullica Hill, NJ in South Jersey with my 3 boys and baby girl on 4 acres of woods. I've enjoyed shooting since 2001, officially becoming a business in 2006. Although photography brings me much joy, I try to find ways to craft and create in other mediums too!

5 thoughts on “Great news…

  1. Brooke

    Congratulations you two! that’s awesome! I hope you love love love it! I wish I was there to see it! You’ll definitely have to post pictures!


  2. Stephers

    Congratulations, that is quite a big step!


  3. Buscando la Luz

    Oooh Main St! Congrats, guys!


  4. Tavia

    Can’t wait to see it!


  5. Maman Pélissié

    That is awesome you guys! Way to make a dream come true!


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