Family photos in NJ
Recording sweet moments for your family.
Family portraits don’t have to feel stiff

Let me illustrate what I have heard is the typical family portrait photography, or family picture session in South Jersey: the toddler is crying, the parents are scolding at the children to smile, and no one wants to be there. In the end, this is not a happy group and not a happy family. Family portrait photography just has a bad reputation.

Now let me illustrate a glimpse of our candid family and childen’s portrait photography method. You may find me playing hide and seek with the children–running with an enormous camera and snapping pictures as I go. Or we may pretend we are running from a scary 2-year-old monster.

You may find us sitting the family together just before a picture in front of an open South Jersey field and getting the little ones to play hand-clapping games sitting down and getting them to look at the camera. Or you may find us throwing a parachute army guy in the air and taking a portrait when the army guy is at the level of the camera. (Yep…that’s one of our many secrets to getting kids to look).

In short, this is painless portrait photography. Even dads seem to think we’re alright. And we know they are the hardest to please!

All natural smiles

When the children are happy, we find that the parents relax and we are able to capture and record a relaxed, happy, and candid family. This is our philosophy–no rigid/stiff family choreography, but a natural family look. We are based in South Jersey, but are happy to travel nearby. (We’ll even go to Egypt if you pay us enough).

If you love this comfortable style for your family portraits, I’ll be moving to South Jersey soon. So please drop me a line and see if we can work together to create fresh, tender and timeless images for your family.

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