Tahitian Noni II

Two days in a row! Now it’s my turn to shoot. Luckily, I got better weather than Dustin so we spent almost the entire time outside. Kara is Superwoman, seriously. She braved the cold the entire shoot, almost 2 hours. You’d never guess from the photos how cold she was! Way to go being so expressive, Kara!

Now, this shot has an interesting story… email us if you want to hear it. Turned out great, didn’t it, Kara?

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Born in Denver, CO and raised in Upstate New York, I have traveled the world and now happily live near Mullica Hill, NJ in South Jersey with my 3 boys and baby girl on 4 acres of woods. I've enjoyed shooting since 2001, officially becoming a business in 2006. Although photography brings me much joy, I try to find ways to craft and create in other mediums too!

10 thoughts on “Tahitian Noni II

  1. Stan

    I just have to say how much I love these pictures. That’s my daughter, Kara! When I first saw these pictures last night it hit me that my little girl is really getting married! Yikes! Well, I’m so happy for her but like any father who adores his daughter, I’m struggling with the thought of letting go…Kara, you’re awesome, and so very, very beautiful! Amber, thanks for doing such a great job of bringing out how pretty Kara is in these pictures. I’m excited to see the rest of them. Tyler, you’re one lucky guy!


  2. Kayla

    These pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! The first one and the last one I think are my favorite ones, but the other two are amazing too!!


  3. Jon and Aubree Midgley

    Kara! You look amazing! I love these pictures! These Shots are great! I wish i could have had some outdoors! I cant wait to see you and Tyler married! We might be leaving May 2nd. Good luck! You will love it! Were almost at two months crazy eh! I love this red back ground! I would love the story!


  4. Emily

    Holy cow girl you look SO pretty!!! I seriously love these! You’re dress is beautiful too :o)


  5. Eilene

    I think your dress is gorgeous! You are a very cute girl. Amazing job on the pictures!


  6. Elder Smith

    I loved the pictures! I really liked the first one. The contrast between the red roses and the white dress really made Kara’s pretty eyes pop!


  7. Bobbi

    I love your dress it is so pretty. You look amazing. My favorite one is the last one I love the red!!! But I love them all!


  8. S&D

    Holy SMOKES! Kara is absolutely GORGEOUS in these photos. Of course, I already knew that, but golly! You did a wonderful job of capturing Kara’s beauty.. She is an absolutely stunning bride. Like Stan said, Tyler- you are one lucky man. You take care of her, ya hear??!? You’ll have me to answer to if you don’t. ((Flexes muscles.)) haha!

    Dana (Gibbons) Sorensen


  9. Michael

    I love the lighting and background! Nice pose!


  10. Shawn, Monica, and Lincoln

    Wow!!! Yep, that’s my sister! Way to go Kara, you look awesome! The pic with the red is fantastic! Congrats again!



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