Storyboards: you being you.

Some of you saw this senior’s session; check out the images she chose for her storyboards–one of them she earned for free just through her print purchase!
The unity is key for the success of these designs– images that are similar that can work together for a fluid whole. And she provided the extra uniqueness– a quote that meant a lot to her, and an actual piece of cello music she loved. Storyboards for seniors especially can be an expression of personality.
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Two very different approaches; which do you like better?

More about Amber

Born in Denver, CO and raised in Upstate New York, I have traveled the world and now happily live near Mullica Hill, NJ in South Jersey with my 3 boys and baby girl on 4 acres of woods. I've enjoyed shooting since 2001, officially becoming a business in 2006. Although photography brings me much joy, I try to find ways to craft and create in other mediums too!

4 thoughts on “Storyboards: you being you.

  1. lilelfbuddy99

    I absolutely love both of them. You did such an awesome job putting them together, Amber. And Dustin’s studio shots were perfect.
    🙂 I can’t wait to show them off to everyone!
    – Taylor


  2. genevievepelissie

    Depends on the purpose, I think. Does she want to be defined as a hot chic or as a beautiful, accomplished musician? I personally think they are both cool, but I love the #2.


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