Snow Cats and Gondolas?!

Dustin and I got to shoot an awards night in Park City a week ago. This group was from Boston area on a business trip. Not only had it been snowing heavily, making it a little dangerous getting there, but the shoot itself was more adventurous than we thought! Why you ask? Because the photoshoot was at the top of the top of the top of the top of the top of the top of a mountain. No Joke. The woman who coordinated it all told us, “You will ride the Gondola half way up, then a snowcat the rest of the way.” (I honestly had to look up what a snow cat was). I figured it would be a 5 minute trip–tops. Oh no…Not even close. We spent twenty minutes riding in the Gondola as the wind nearly blew us around the cable like a tether ball. But that was only half-way. Then we spent the next twenty minutes in sub-freezing temperatures, scaling the nearly vertical snowy surfaces with a snow cat pulling a load of 30 people on a large sleigh. These conditions would have made Santa shake in fear. But we survived the evening, and got some neat shots along the way. Definitely going in the record book as one of the most unique photoshoots of my life. (And I do wonder how a restaurant on the top of a mountain gets its business).

And we got to eat GREAT food. (That’s the most important part)

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