Reception in a garden

I said pretend that you’re about to drop her!

This little guy stole the show in his cute outfit.  Discovering all kinds of fun things, like daddy’s nose…

This one was hilarious.  After each picture I took of him, he’d ask to see it.  After he saw it, he’d say approvingly, “Love it.”  He cracked me up! 

Thanks for such a great experience, guys.  

More about Amber

Born in Denver, CO and raised in Upstate New York, I have traveled the world and now happily live near Mullica Hill, NJ in South Jersey with my 3 boys and baby girl on 4 acres of woods. I've enjoyed shooting since 2001, officially becoming a business in 2006. Although photography brings me much joy, I try to find ways to craft and create in other mediums too!

4 thoughts on “Reception in a garden

  1. Stan

    Really great pictures. It was a great day. Interesting weather with snow, wind, cold, but eventually some sun, and it turned out pretty nice that evening. Kara and Tyler you guys look happy! Tyler, you didn’t really drop her, did you? 😀


  2. Kara and Tyler

    AMBER!! You are Amazing!! I love every photo, and I can’t wait to get the rest. At the beginning of all the wedding planning I told my parents the most important thing to me is to have a good photographer. We searched and searched for a good photographer, but all the ones I fell in love with were so expensive. Then Tyler found your website and we decided to go ahead and pick you. I enjoyed your photos online, and the price was perfect!!! But I have to say, the pictures turned out a million times better than I expected!!! Seriously! I can’t believe how wonderful they are! You have incredable talent, and you are still so sweet and so much fun! Thank you so much for everything! I love my pictures and show them off proudly! 😀 Thank you so much! You’re amazing!!!


  3. Kayla

    couldn’t have asked for a better night! These pictures are wonderful and you two are just way too cute! I love that picture of Jackson, I can see him saying just that!


  4. Shawn, Monica, and Lincoln

    Wow Kara and Tyler, what a studly little guy in the suit!!! And Tyler doesn’t look that bad either. Way to go! Congrats!


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