Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of camera should I bring to classes?

Any digital SLR will do. We personally prefer Canon cameras. If you are looking for a good starter camera, try the Nikon D50, or any of the Canon Rebels. Our favorite seller is B&H, based out of NY. We buy most of our equipment online from them. We discourage trying to learn with point and shoot cameras, even if it has manual controls. Start planning now: hint to friends and family what you REALLY want for your birthday/Christmas/anniversary! You are welcome to borrow a camera from a friend as long as you can use it during the week as well for homework assignments.

I am taking the class with someone. Can we share a camera?

You are welcome to share cameras, as long as both of you have easy access to the camera both inside and out of the classroom.

What do I need to bring to class?

For photography classes, bring your camera, lens, memory card, etc. Bring your camera manual especially if you own a brand other than Nikon or Canon. If your class requires a calibration target or reflector, bring those as well. For Photoshop classes, please bring a laptop with Photoshop already installed. We prefer versions CS2 or newer. You can also download a trial version off of Adobe's site for 30 days. Do not download the trial program until right before the class begins.


Where are classes located?

All classes are held in our office at 114 West Main Street Suite 3 in Norman. Directions: Traveling east on Main Street, it will be on the right after Santa Fe, and before the train tracks. Look for the Red Room. White door to the right, all the way up the stairs and last door on the left. (See map below).

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Our number is 405.249.6891 if you get lost.

What kind of experience is required for the classes?

No experience is required, unless there is a prerequisite listed on the class descriptions page. We will assume you know nothing about photography.


How can I find out more about the instructors?

The classes are taught by Lauren Steadley (405.249.6891,, who also teaches private lessons by appointment only.


Is there any homework?

Practice, practice, practice. You will miss out on learning if you do not practice outside of class what we teach you. Weekly assignments will help you advance in your photography skills and knowledge. Plan to spend at least an hour outside of class, but the more time you spend, the more you will learn. As nerve-wrecking as it may seem, we look at your homework together and talk about the images. Our students say this is one of the most helpful parts of the class. The more students who do their homework and upload for the class to see, the more you get to learn.


How can I best prepare for each class?

The best way to prepare for your class or private lesson is take pictures practicing what was taught in class and to read the assigned material before you come to class. We will breifly review the reading assignments, then we will get into more "hands-on" training.


Where do I park?

Feel free to park in the parking lot of our building. There should be plenty of space.