Photography Class Descriptions

Photography Basics.


Topics include focus & metering, shutter speed, ISO, aperture, and depth-of-field. Cost: $125. Length: 4 weeks, up to 90 minutes each.



Photo Basics II and Posing

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This class is the most hands-on class that we offer and is designed to reinforce everything that is learned in the Photo Basics I class. Students spend half the time on location doing live photoshoots with the instructors' help. The other half of the time is spend doing in depth critiques. These critiques focus not only on the basics of exposure and white balance, but also focuses on posing subjects in the most flattering way. Cost: $150. Length: 4 weeks, 60 minutes each. Prerequisites: Photo Basics I or instructor approval.



Natural Lighting (Lighting Basics).

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This class will teach what the fundamental rules of lighting are and what lighting techniques are most flattering to subjects. Topics will include selecting appropriate lighting conditions, manipulating light, and the 5 reasons for using reflectors. Cost: $150. Length: 4 weeks, 60 minutes each. Prerequisites: Digital Photography Basics I and II or instructor approval.

Lighting Bootcamp.

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This class is an extension to the natural lighting class. It is a 2 week, on location class where all we do is photograph under the direction of instructors. We will have a live model and implement and refine the natural lighting principals. Cost: $60. Length: 2 weeks, 90 minutes each. Prerequisites: Digital Photography Basics I and II, and natural lighting.



Artificial Lighting Basics.

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Using the principals of the natural lighting class, this class transfers that knowledge into using flash photography. Topics will include on camera flash, studio lighting, and using flash outdoors as a fill flash. Cost: $250. Length: 4 weeks, up to 3 hours each. Prerequisites: Digital Photography Basics I and II, Natural Lighting Basics or instructor approval.





Photoshop Essentials.

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The purpose of this class is to get you familiar with the tools and pallets of photoshop in order for you to start using common manipulation techniques. Topics covered will include basic tools, layers, masking, overlays, textures, and portrait enhancement techniques. Instruction will take place via video tutorials and in-class instruction. Cost: $150. Length: 4 weeks, 90 minutes each. Requirements: Adobe CS or later and a laptop computer.