Celebration of Life: 80 Years

This was a neat group of people I got to spend the evening with, in celebration of Joan Plumlee’s 80th birthday in Moore.

Check out not only the colorful wrapping paper of her 3 HUGE presents, but the cake that was made to match. pretty impressive…

My sweet tooth was in heaven afterwards— super yummy cake! 🙂

All the forks and napkins were set with care…

And the birthday girl herself arrived!

Adorable sisters.

I love the wrinkles that come with time. I hope i look as cool when i’m older.

And Joan had many good-looking grandchildren to celebrate with her!

I loooove her curly hair.

This brother and sister pair lucked out with awesome curly hair genes.

And this adorable couple is planning their wedding!

And most important of all… PRESENTS! 😉 A whole computer system for grandma to be able to connect with her techno-savvy grandkids.

Thank you so much for a wonderful evening– you all were great company!! 🙂

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