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I never posted more of the photos from the event that was about a week ago. 
If you have never been inside Oklahoma’s State Capitol, it is pretty impressive. Check out the architecture of this building!

During the evening, we took portraits of attendees. We love our portable lights. 

Don’t let this yummy sight deceive you. This isn’t ice cream. It’s cheesecake! Can you believe it? I was sorely disappointed because my favorite food on the face of the earth is ice cream. They even had all the toppings for an amazing sundae. It wasn’t until i took the first bite that i realized it wasn’t ice cream. Boohoo. But dustin was happy– he LOVES cheesecake. 

Neat table centerpieces by Penny Chambers, (AKA miracle woman).
Beautiful music by harpist Kendall Hood.
Keynote speaker Jeff Benedict. I especially loved the passage he read about his mother. It inspired me to be a good mother to my son (and future kids!). 

Some brave moms even brought their babies, and all of them were so good! 
Really beautiful venue. Despite how bright this looks, it wasn’t the brightest place to shoot. i shot this at 1600 ISO f4 at 1/20. I’m proud of my steady hand. 🙂 I can shoot to 1/4th of a second if I’m careful.
Some books on sale afterwards.
And our very own work out for display. Fun evening, good to meet people.

If you are interested in us shooting an event, please contact us at info {at} fifephotography {dot} com.  Thanks!

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2 thoughts on “BYU Management Society

  1. Kara Laws

    wow that architeture is beautiful!! Excellent shots.


  2. pcNut

    Beautiful pictures! Love the last one of pictures on the display table! I didn’t recognize the little girl. Those are awesome choices for business.
    Thinking of you:)
    Sarah E.


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