Best Friends Shoot

Though we have had and ice storm yesterday and a snow storm today, and our baby has a double ear infection, i HAD to post these tonight!! This was from a session last week.

One of our fantastic photo students Lisa was lucky enough to win our Christmas Giveaway! She chose to do the session with some of her best friends, since she’s going to be heading out to Japan soon. These ladies were a riot; so fun to shoot.

Aren’t these lines super fun?? Both the structure and the shadows…

Super silly… i won’t tell you what one of them just did. 😉

Fun stairs.

Aaaand some headshots of each lady.

I like this one. i think it’s one of my favorites from the session.

Lisa likes having a serious face. I think she pulls it off beautifully.

And pulling some serious faces…

Many memories before these photos, but this session freezes it all in time. I felt privileged to shoot these friends. I wish i had a photog around when i said good bye to my dearest friends!

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