Arizona Session: Hale Family

Man, there’s a lot that this blog has no idea about!! I’m burning the candle late at the office tonight! And i haven’t even touched the wedding and 5 sessions waiting for me to process! Well, taking a break to put some photos up on the blog is refreshing.

This sweet family is one of our favorites. It was a pleasure to see them in our August road trip to CA– they even kept our boys for 3 days so we had a kid-free time in San Diego!! Wahoooo!

I met Rebecca 2 years ago when i moved to Oklahoma, and we became Anne-of-Green-Gables-type bosom buddies. She listened and sympathized with my frustrations of not being able to get pregnant, and told EVERYone about our photography business, having just relocated and scouting for new clients. I learned about motherhood watching her dance and play with her 2 little girls, and got to photograph them for announcements and posters when i needed cute little models. Now their family has grown, and they are off to the big real world of lawyer-ship interning and working in AZ. I miss them terribly, but it was wonderful to see her again for those few days this summer.

Each of their girls have infectious smiles; i love them. 🙂

These girls were so good… we ended with sweets. 🙂 🙂

What are YOUR most important qualities in a friend??

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