A giveaway: In the season that celebrates new life

The gift of life. As this weekend approaches, many of us will ponder about God and rebirth and awakening and the gift of life.

When I think of the gift of life i also think of tiny feet and hands: Newborns.
I will never forget those first days with each of my precious boys. Time stopped when I held their face in my hand and traced their ears with my finger. How could something so miraculous happen to me?

This Easter I want to give someone the gift of remembering the first moments with their precious child.

Here is where you come in, my friends.

I need you to think of someone in your life right now who is expecting.

It may be someone who has waited years for this blessing.
It may be someone who is anticipating her first baby.
It may be someone’s 5th child.
It may be someone who will receive a baby from another and take that baby as her own.
It may be someone who is only now convinced this baby should stay.
It may be someone with no earth-shattering story to tell.
It may be yourself.

In the next few days I want you to think of someone who is within driving distance from us here in Norman, Oklahoma. Pass this message on to that person.

Expectant mothers: I want to hear your stories, I want to hear your excitement, your anticipation, your expectations, and your love for your future baby. Whatever you would like to share, please do.

And then I will choose one person for this gift. If there are too many, I’ll have you all help me choose who it will be.

So you might say, “How do I share this?”
You can email this blog post to someone.
You can become a fan of us on facebook and hit suggest to friends.
You can post a link to your facebook profile.
You can tweet.
You can text.
You can fly a banner off a plane.

Winner will be chosen Friday, April 9th.
This giveaway is about celebration. Celebration of life. Join with me in this celebration.

Thank you. 🙂

p.s. Newborn Session MUST take place in the first 2 weeks of baby’s life. This giveaway is for a Fife Photography Newborn Session only; but check back in the coming months… there are a number of other ones in the works. Session must take place before Dec 2010. Winner must be able within traveling distance of Norman, OK.

More about Amber

Born in Denver, CO and raised in Upstate New York, I have traveled the world and now happily live near Mullica Hill, NJ in South Jersey with my 3 boys and baby girl on 4 acres of woods. I've enjoyed shooting since 2001, officially becoming a business in 2006. Although photography brings me much joy, I try to find ways to craft and create in other mediums too!

4 thoughts on “A giveaway: In the season that celebrates new life

  1. The Fifes

    For everyone asking, yes, you can email us your entry: info {at} fifephotography {dot} com.

    Thanks for the stories so far!


  2. Heather

    This is such a great idea! i had NO clue you did photography! how wonderful!!!

    I AM SOO excited to have my fourth little baby princess enter my life.. i can’t wait..she can NOT come soon enough! I love my sweet little girls. and love the feeling of giving birth! i can’t wait to hold this angel in my arms! FINALLY!!!

    I have NEVER had a newborn session, or GOOD professional pics taken… you do SUCH an amazing job!!! I am soo glad i gotta see your site..

    Love you! thanks again for telling me about this! ;O)


  3. Autumn

    This is such a great opportunity you are offering. My husband and I are expecting our first baby this June. This event is extra special for us. One of the great things we have in common is we both placed a baby for adoption when we were younger. We both have waited a long time to have a baby when the circumstances were right for us to provide everything we believe a child should have. We are so excited we can hardly contain ourselves.

    I’m so glad my sister told me about your site and what you are doing.


  4. Mindy Jo

    I don’t know HOW you will EVER choose who is most deserving of this awesome gift you’re giving!
    Every Mother deserves the opportunity to have captured forever the most precious times in a Mother’s life. Her newborn!
    I have 2 boys who are full of life, mischief and happiness. We’re having our 3rd child in July and we’re expecting our 1st girl! Very excited! Very scarey! Very new! I feel like a 1st time Mommy all over again!
    Thanks for this chance, Amber!
    Good Luck! 😉


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