With the hundreds of clients I have worked with over the years, it’s hard to know which ones to share with you. Here is just a sampling of the wonderful people I get to put in front of my camera. Hope their words help you get a taste of what it will be like working with me!

“I first met Amber when I chose her to be my wedding photographer, and our paths kept crossing afterwards. As a labor and delivery nurse I attended a mother who Amber photographed her delivery. Although having a baby for the first time can be a bit daunting, I felt at peace knowing the medical knowledge I did about labor, and that Amber would take really good pictures afterwards of my newborn princess. I couldn’t be happier with her portraits.”
-Sunny M


“I wasn’t sure what to expect from newborn photos, being a first-time mom. I knew about Amber and loved her pictures; I was relieved as everything fell into place for her to shoot my brand new babies just days after coming home from the NICU. It kinda feels like it was meant to be.

“Although I had twins and this was practically our first time out of the house, it really wasn’t hard to go to her studio in Norman. In fact, I enjoyed it more– I didn’t have to clean my house, and all her props and things were already there. I just got to relax in her studio’s sitting room while she worked her magic with my babies. She and her assistants took care of everything– feeding, diapers, burping, soothing, calming, and of course shooting. It was so easy, and I enjoyed relaxing and resting. I loved peeking in to watch now and then, and was surprised to see them so calm in her hands.

“While I’ve had difficult experiences with photographers in the past, this is so refreshing to work with a photographer who is kind and caring, as well as efficient and skilled. She took so many amazing photos, and lots of variety for me to enjoy. She exceeded our expectations. I really loved working with Amber and will definitely bring my precious twin boys back to be photographed again soon.”
-Kellie H


“Amber’s pretty awesome. I start a pinterest board to gather ideas, but then I don’t even bother because she’s even better than pinterest. So happy she’s our family’s photographer!”
-Ann W


“I originally took beginner photography lessons with Amber before getting in front of her camera.  My first photo shoot with her was a family shoot with my husband and then 2 year-old. The family portraits were so relaxed and low-stress that my husband actually enjoyed them! When I became pregnant with my second child, I just knew I wanted Amber to do our newborn photos. A friend’s bad experience with another newborn photographer confirmed to me that Amber would be worth the investment.

“At the newborn session, I loved that Amber and her assistant were so laid back and completely comfortable handling my 6 day old infant.   She followed the pace that my infant needed for eating and taking breaks. I love how relaxed I felt, completely stress-free. I was surprised by how much she enjoyed taking photos of my newborn and how patient she was in getting sweet poses.

“I already had high expectations since I had worked with her before, and she still did amazing.  I love how detailed-oriented she was about the little things like stray hairs or outfit mishaps. I left the photo shoot knowing that she had gotten some beautiful pictures of my daughters and I couldn’t wait to see the proofs.

“I just loved the images she created!!! It was so hard to pick my favorites! When I showed them to family, they just loved them. I am already looking forward to taking photos with Amber again. She has a neat style—a mix of laid-back as well as detail-oriented. She notices things I didn’t even see. Most importantly, she makes my whole family feel comfortable, which makes us have fun, helps the time pass quickly, and she captures excellent photos.”
-Adrienne K