Engagements | Norman, Oklahoma

    Engagement packages include: a mid-res DVD of all images, and 10% off initial print order

    90 Minute Session: $275 with CD, $150 without CD
    120 Minute Session: $320 with CD, $220 without CD

    *Discounts are available when bridals are combined with wedding packages. For more details, see our wedding package prices.

    Formal, fun, romantic, or maybe even a mixture of engagement picture styles. You decide what type of engagement announcement you're going for, and we'll help make it happen.

    So what is the purpose of engagement pictures? Some people think it's to brag to your high school buddies about how hot your wife is. Other people think it is to prove to an ex-boyfriend that you have moved on. Still others think that it is to show your friends and family that you getting married, or to have cute displays at your reception, or to send out "Save the Date Cards." Our opinion is that engagement pictures are more than merely a tradition; they are an opportunity to record a significant part of your relationship--your engagement.

    Even today Amber and I have a significant number of our engagement pictures decorating our home. It serves as a reminder of how we got where we are and where we are going. (It's also a depressing reminder of how much weight I have gained).

    Feel free to check availability for an engagement photography session.