newborn baby smiling on blue blanket

You love pinterest, right?

So much goes into that perfect image you just pinned– you don’t know WHY it’s beautiful, but you DO know that you LOVE it. Perhaps the backlighting at just the right time of evening caught the golden curls coming down her back, or the right lens was chosen to get the bands of sunflare that make your heart sing. Or the right aperture so just enough grabs your attention and the rest of the image melts into oblivion. The choice of accent color of the newborn’s headband to bring out the blues in great-great-grandmother’s handsewn quilt. The genuine krinkled smile and laughing eyes of the bride-to-be as she marvels she is lucky enough to wed this man who adores her.

These are the gifts of the photographer– to bring out the genuine soul in beautiful ways and record it for you to keep forever.

Because you matter. Your life matters.

After 10+ years of experience shooting people and hundreds of clients, I know how to put you at ease in front of my camera. A big lens pointed at you can be intimidating! Not only will I help you choose clothing to suit your figure, I know how to pose and bring out candid and natural smiles so that you will love these images for years to come.

I love a timeless look as I edit your images– so that not only will you love them today, but you will love them 5 years and 10 years from now. My editing is in a way to enhance your images, not distract from them. I especially custom edit all wall portraits you order, so that you and your home’s visitors will love the emotions your images brings to your family.

I put my heart into every session and every client. Taking the time to get to know your family and quirks that make you special are essential to your session. What sounds make your 3 year old perk up? What’s the name of the boy in english class to get your daughter to smile? You won’t be surprised if I am down on the grass or squatting to get just the right angle, making silly noises for little kids. I am not afraid to look ridiculous, because I know that the images will be ones to remember.

My session fee is $225+tax, for my time and talent. Prints and digital files are ordered in addition to that. I have a number of collections you can choose from, but I am happy to make a custom quote for you. Most of my clients spend between $800 and $1500 with me. Please let me know what questions you have by contacting me here. I appreciate your investment in me, and I value the experiences and images that I will create for you.

Amber is the kindest soul. I love how much care she put into our session. She made us feel at ease. I was nervous about getting in front of a camera after having my baby, but she made me feel beautiful and comfortable in my own skin.


My 2 year old is so difficult about everything! I didn’t know how our session would go. Amber played with my daughter and got her to be comfortable, playing chase and silly noises… she almost forgot she was being photographed. The images we got from our session were perfect– my favorite expressions she always makes. I will definitely choose Fife Photography again.


I was so sad when I chose not to invest in a wedding photographer, and I knew I didn’t want to make that mistake ever again. Not only did I book Amber right away for my baby’s entire first year, I gifted my sister her newborn session in the meantime. She is too amazing to not share with everyone I know.


Smiling Family sitting in tall grasses

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